Faculty of Education, Alexandria University was established at the beginning of the academic year 1966/1967. Formerly, it was called (teachers collage). Admission to it was limited to lierary and scientific sections of the high school.

At that time, the study was limited for students of the literary section in the five literary divisions which are (English, French, History, Geography, Philosophyand Sociology departments) in the building of the faculty of Arts in Shatby. Faculty of Education was affiliated with faculty of Arts both academically and administratively.

The first registrar of the literary section was Mr. Farid Riad and the first employee was Mr. El Said El Araby who joined the faculty in 1968. 

As for the study for students of the scientific section in the three scientific departments which are Mathematics, Chemistry and Natural History took place in the faculty of science in Muharram Bey. Faculty of Education was also affiliated with faculty of Science both academically and administratively. The study took place in the preparatory building with new students for medical studies. The registrar  of the scientific section at that time was the late Mr. Mohamed Saad El Din El Bardini.

In january 1970 the first flash took place as both the literary section in the faculty of Arts and the scientific section in the faculty of science were gathered in the building located beside the national bank of Egypt El Gamaa Branch. The first dean of the teachers collage was the late Prof. Dr. Ali Elwy Shaltout.The first president of the students union of teachers collage was Assem Abdullah. 

In July 1970 the collage celebrated the graduation of the first class of students who carried the teaching torches in various stages of education.

By the beginning  of the academic year 1971/1972 the name of teachers collage was changed to the faculty of education and the study was divided into two stages comprising the third and fourth sections, so that students were not transfered from one section to another with underdeveolped subjects.

The academic year 1975/1976 was the beginning of the addition of Arabic language department to the rest of the literary departments.

Faculty of Education was developed by establishing the industrial educational department in the academic year 1980/1981 by accepting students graduated from Industrial schools and industrial technical institutes in the three industrial departments of the faculty namely mechanics, electricity and architecture. Scientific and practical study took place in faculty of Engineering and educational study took place in the faculty education.

In the beginning of the academic year 1988/1989, primary education section was established in the faculty to prepare a distinguished primary education teacher. Starting from the academic year 1991/1992 the faculty finally settled in its new building in the era of Prof. Dr. Abdel Fattah Ahmed Hagag the former dean of the faculty, who signed a protocol to establish a branch of the faculty in Matrouh Governorate to prepare the primary education teacher in Arabic language and science departments. Number of students did not exceed one hundred students at that time. Number of students increased to 1200 students studying in (Arabic,  Social studies, Science and Mathematics) departments in addition to the English deparment starting from the academic year 2005/2006.

During the academic year 1996/1997 admission to the industrial education department was suspended. 

In the academic year 1997/1998 Prof. Dr. Farouk Shawky El Bohy was appoined as the first academic superviser for the faculty branch in Matrouh. After the success of this experience the administration repeated it by appointing the late  Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ismael Abdel Maksoud as the supervisor of the branch in the academic year 2004/2005.

After wards, Prof. Dr. Shibl Badran El Gharib took the deanship of the faculty and during his deanship duration the faculty made a huge developmental leap followed by many successes which we hope will result in a huge deveopment i the educational process in the Alexandrian community. 

 The late Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ismael Abdel Maksoud held the position of the dean of the faculty until 31/7/2014, followd by Prof. Dr. Maha Ali Hassan who held the position starting from 29/10/2014 for three years.

 At present, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Anwar Ibrahim holds the position strating from 2/1/2018 untill the prsent.