السيد الاستاذ الدكتور/ محمد انور فراج

I would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Education, University of Alexandria, wishing you a pleasant and useful scientific study. I would like you to take your responsibilities towards the faculty, which is to maintain the terraces, halls and laboratories prepared for you. The preservation of this is an indication of your loyalty to this faculty. Note that you are the generations of the future, the bright, and the knowledgeable.

The faculty is placed in your hands (the student's guide) to familiarize you with the programs offered by the faculty as well as the departments. In addition to learning about the moral values ​​and the university norms governing the organization of university life to raise your awareness of the rights and duties, and I appeal to you - my sons and daughters - the need to read and understand this guide carefully to know the nature of the study in each department to improve the selection of the department that meets your ambitions Future.

With sincere calls for excellence and success

Dean of the Faculty of Education