Faculty Of Education

Mission,Vision and Values

The vision of the faculty,
the Faculty of Education, Alexandria University, is an educational and research institution. It prepares and configures the thinker, the continuous researcher, the collaborator, the lifelong learner, the leader of change, and the owner of the moral vision based on the highest international quality standards, and a center for activities that stimulate sustainable human development and build people in the field of education and education, in a way that qualifies them for excellence and competition at the local level Regional and international.


the faculty mission
The Faculty of Education - Alexandria University prepares distinguished cadres of pre-university education teachers who are aware of their mission, capable of creativity and competition in light of the economy of supply and demand, and their professional development during service, and preparing educational researchers who are able to develop knowledge and employ it in solving educational problems and upgrading Continuing the educational field, developing education and its policies at all levels, and providing specialized technical services and consultations through units of a special nature in the college in order to contribute to achieving sustainable development of society


Strategic Objectives
A - Developing the education and learning system and creating an educational environment compatible with Egypt's strategic vision 2030
2 - Making a qualitative shift in teacher preparation programs in line with the supply and demand economy and contemporary scientific and technological changes
-3Developing the system of graduate studies and scientific research in light of competition trends and upgrading its qualitative and quantitative outputs.
4- Developing the community services system and contributing to solving community problems.
5. Developing the student evaluation system to reflect modern trends in evaluation.
6- Developing administrative capabilities and developing self-resources in a way that achieves the vision and mission of the college
7- Establishing the college's quality system and obtaining accreditation

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