Faculty Of Education

Strategic Goals

Objectives and tasks 

1 - pre-service teacher preparation - through high quality programs - in all disciplines of public education from kindergarten to the end of secondary education, in accordance with the rules of the complementary and sequential. Should take into account the preparation of teachers is characterized as: 
- Manage the academic specialization. 
- Skilled in the presentation of the material and interaction with his students. 
- Works to create a climate within the democratic parenting and school dismissal. 
- Return the pupils to collaborative work, and self-learning. 
- Stresses the importance of thinking and planning, problem solving and decision-making in educational work and through school activities. 
- Committed to ethics and values of Egyptian society and the values of progress. 
- With a culture of Egyptian, Arab and international, making it able to emphasize the identity and openness to the other. 
- Able to use technology in general and technology education in particular. 
2 - Training the teacher in-service, and dissemination of professional self-development trends in graduates, and support the values of lifelong learning. 

3 - effective contribution in the formulation of education policies in Egypt and implementation, through membership of committees at the national level and local levels and units of a special nature, the preparation of educational leaders and rehabilitation and training. 

4 - do educational research, which produces educational knowledge, and address the educational issues and real problems facing education, and provide solutions to serve education and development. 

5 - Provide consultancy and studies, which contribute to the development and modernization of education, through effective partnership with the Ministry of Education and schools, so that includes all the components of the educational system, from the Department of the curricula and methods of teaching and learning, and assessment and others. 

6 - Update systems and programs of study altogether in light of global trends and local needs, including enabling them to improve the performance of college, and provide a model for other educational institutions and high pre-university. 

7 - Dissemination of educational thought and advanced educational practices in accordance with modern sophisticated mechanisms within the environment and the educational community and society as a whole. 

8 - the integration of technology in the areas of Teacher Education and research, and promotion of its use in the areas of higher education and pre-university education. 

9 - to provide research and advisory services and evolutionary non-formal education institutions, both public and private, to serve the school and the community, and amount of life. 

10 - Participation in the preparation of faculty members in all disciplines the university and higher education institutions, continuing educational configuration enable them to perform their role effectively and efficiently. 

11 - publication of ethics between faculty members and students and workers, and men of education, according to the code of ethics adhered to by everyone. 

12 - embrace the concept of TQM and its application within the college, and at the level of higher education and pre-university education. And falls under that calendar, the self-interest culture and practice and follow-up and prepare for external assessment, so that all of this input to achieve the quality of comprehensive and continuous development.

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