Faculty Of Education

Staff Members Comparative

 Name  Profession
Dr. Fatma Abdel Kader Hassan Bahnasy Assistant Professor Emeritus
 Dr. Fayza Abdel Aleem Mohamed Mohamed  Assistant Professor and Head of the department
 Dr. Wafaa Zaki Badros Beshay Assistant Professor 
 Dr. Hanan Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel Rehim  Assistant Professor
 Dr. Shadia Mohamed Abdel Said  El Samad  Lecturer Emeritus
 Dr. Walaa Hassan Mohamed Ahmed Lecturer  
 Dr. Amal Mohamed Basiouni Lecturer 
 Dr. Hanady Abdel Razek Metwali  Lecturer  
 Ms. Marwa Mohamed Foad Ahmed  Assistant Lecturer
 Ms. Sarah Amer Mohamed Atia   Assistant Lecturer
 Ms. Alaa El Rahman Mohamed Anwar Mohamed  Assistant Lecturer
 Ms. Abeer Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed   Assistant Lecturer
 Ms. Ebtsam Hassan Moustafa Soliman

 Assistant Lecturer

 Ms. Gamalat Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed  Demonstrator
 Ms. Amira Ahmed Mohamaden Abdel Rehim  Demonstrator
 Mr. Khaled Hamdy El Sawy Mohamed  Demonstrator
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