Faculty Of Education

Vision and Mission of the Department

First :  The Vision

The vision of the department is to participate in preparing a distinguished teacher who

believes in a mission and works for it. A teacher who is proud of his profession and seeks

to improve it. A teacher who knows the nature of the educatinal system, understands its

issues and contributes to its development.


Second: The Mission

 1Creating a teaching and learning environment that contributes to directing and motivating

the “student teacher” to learn and search for new knowledge on an ongoing basis, and to follow up

on all that is new in the field of his profession and specialization, based on the fact that

every learner has the ability and willingness to learn.

2-  Openness to renewable educational knowledge, and getting benifit from the leading experiences and

educational formulas in the development and modernization of education.

3- Contribution to the improvement of the educational system through:

- Addressing the real problems that the educational system suffers from by studying,

analyzing, and providing appropriate solutions and alternatives to deal with them.

-Contribution to the formation and formulation of educational policy through official bodies and committees

in which the staff members of the department participate.

4- Maximizing the principle of continuous self-learning and activating its strategies. 

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